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Mr. O.K. Mohamed Haniffa was 12 years old when he first came to Singapore along with his father in 1952. He immediately found himself employed in a shop house. At a young age itself he proved his entrepreneurship and won the appreciation of his bosses. Mastering the skills from his workplace, he decided to start his own business and be his own boss. So, in 1962, Mr. Haniffa rented a small shop in Campbell Lane and started his first shop HANIFFA TEXTILES PTE.LTD. dealing only in textiles. As a master in selling techniques, he was able to impress the customers and not too long he had a vast pool of loyal customers. Soon, Mr. Haniffa realized that his shop house was too small to cater to his ever growing customers. So, he purchased a shop house in Dunlop Street and within the next few years he purchased 8 more adjacent shop units and made it into a big department store dealing in all varieties of goods. Customers poured in and the department store was an instant success. The rest is history.

Mr Abdul Samad Haniffa, the son of Mr.O.K.Mohamed Haniffa was appointed as the Director of the Company in the year 1998. After graduating from the University of Wales, Cardiff, in 2001, Mr Abdul Samad Haniffa took an active participation in running the Company. In the year 2002 he was appointed the Managing Director of the Company and is spear heading the operations of the Company.

Haniffa Textiles started predominantly in textiles but diversified into other categories and added a whole range and wide varieties of items including Gold Jewellery, electronics, electrical, toiletries, food products etc. However, since the Company name was Haniffa Textiles Pte Ltd, some people had the misconception that the Company deal in textiles only. So, to avoid this confusion the board of Directors changed the Company name Haniffa Textiles Pte Ltd. to Haniffa Pte Ltd in the year 2006.



In 1976 Haniffa Sdn.Bhd. opened its first outlet in Malaysia at Malayan Mansion and subsequently purchased Wisma Shen in 2003 and developed it into a mixed development of retail, offices and hotel. The building was renamed as Wisma Haniffa, and it was completed in the year of 2009. with a retail floor area of more than 100,000 Square Feet, Office spaces on the fifth floor and a three star hotel from the sixth floor to the fourteenth floor.

The department store has established itself as a landmark in Jalan Masjid India and was soon popular with tourist and local residents. The store has built a reputation over the years of providing quality goods at competitive prices. It has managed to build a strong relationship with customers and enjoys a diversified customer base.

As a rapid expansion process Haniffa Sdn. Bhd. have opened outlets in Klang and Penang.

Through the years, the business has been founded, have flourished on several codes of business ethics. Trust, integrity, commitment and responsibility are all upheld without fail to business associates, employees and customers.

The growth of the Company is a tribute to its satisfied customers. The Company value the customers more than anything else and is very particular that the customers get maximum value for their money.


Haniffa Pte.Ltd.
No: 24 Madras Street
Singapore 208419
Telephone : +65 63927855 / 63927255
Facsimile : +65 6392670


Haniffa Sdn.Bhd.
Wisma Haniffa
No: 149 Jalan Masjid India
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone : +603 26398620 / 26918470
Facsimile : +603 26912909

Haniffa Sdn.Bhd.
No: 110 Penang Street
Telephone : +604 2618272
Facsimile : +604 2619273

Haniffa Sdn.Bhd.
No:56 Jalan Tengku Kelana
41000 Klang
Telephone : +603 33744786
Facsimile : +603 33746786