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The moulds are resistant to temperatures from - 60 to +230°C without changing their properties or technical parameters. They can be used in standard ovens but can also be placed in the refrigerator.The anti-adhesiveness of the moulds ensures quick and easy removal of the finished product from the mould.Moulds can easily be cleaned under running water using a sponge or in a dishwasher.

ABOUT BRANDThe brand “Lamart by Piere Lamart” represents a wide range of modern, affordable cookware and utensils for joyful cooking, which brings into your kitchen lightness, quality and refinement thanks to its quality manufacturing and modern design inspired by the late French chef Piere Lamart’s philosophy of playful cooking.

LAMART QUALITYIt is everybody's dream for the most luxurious products to also be affordable. And this is precisely what the Lamart brand is bringing to the kitchen cookware market. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction with all the imaginable requirements placed on kitchen cookware by today's modern households.